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The Blooming, Blossoming Beauties

A couple of weeks ago, I escaped the London city life and travelled to the heart of the British countryside (again). No, I did not go back home. Instead, I went further south and explored the county of Devonshire. A part of England that is famous for scones, topped with jam and clotted cream; aka the Devonshire cream tea. Indeed, during those five days, I drank way too much tea. In fact, I didn’t even miss my freshly grind and brewed coffee. Perhaps that was a new record for me.

Furthermore, I even forgot to take my proper DSLR camera. No, I didn’t forget,  I just didn’t take it. Due to my foolishness for not using my professional gear, the quality of the photographs is not great. At times it took longer to edit. But the more I edit, the quality decreased; due to low resolution. So I apologise if you see a lot more pixels.

As a result of this Indian summer heatwave in England, I will be posting more photographs of this divine sunshine. Summer is not yet over for me. So expect more sun, a little architecture and a lot more flowers.


  1. Beautiful photos! I must remember to look at these again during our Canadian winters when I think that I’ll never see another flower again – it’ll give me hope for the end of winter! 😉

    Gorgeous shots and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  2. It’s so easy to walk by things like this and miss the amazing creations nature has to share with us. Pictures like these remind me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings.

  3. Congrats on being freshly-pressed. Your writing reads beautifully. Is this what the British countryside looks like? I love the bright colors in your photos…makes me want to wander into the countryside, pluck some berries and pop em into my mouth lol.

  4. Once again, your photos are beautiful. 🙂 And what a happy surprise to see you were freshly pressed! 🙂 I had to check & see why your blog was sending people my way. Made me smile!

    I love the berries & the spiderweb. So pretty.

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the spider webs in the first two photos. Drawback on this Indian summer we’ve been having… they are everywhere!!! And not teeny tiny spiders…they are monsters that should live in a rainforest and not in suburban London!

  6. iowadogblog

    These are beautiful photographs. I feel like I could bite into the raspberries (and I would very much like to!). But my favorite is the fourth one–I love the scallop detail of the coral-colored petals.

    • Honestly, I think my friend had a taste of the same raspberries in the photographs, she said it was sour. But yes, keep dreaming about the sweetness.

      The fourth photograph seems to be the favourite so far!

      Thank you for commenting!

  7. Congrats. on making world wp news, freshly pressed! Wishing you great visions for your photos and for yourself in general.

    And visit some of us blog-wise, to chat up!

  8. aparnanairphotography

    Magnificent!! I feel like eating the berries – that’s how real and tangible they look. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on fp!!

    • Thank you. It feels bad not to reply back to all these comments. I am just very grateful they clicked on my blog and gave me great feedback and comments. This is a photographer’s heaven.

    • aww thank you! I would love to some of your photographs! How can you not eat ice cream, whilst you’re out in Devon. My friend who went with me is an ice cream addict. There was no stopping her. haha…they tasted great!

  9. Love the unripened berries. We were in England in August and I picked my way through every church yard and side of the road. I got berry-belly!

    I would love for you to come by and check out the photos I took of Laugharne, home of Dylan Thomas.

  10. Great photos. They bring back memories of my childhood, when my parents ‘encouraged’ my brother and I to go fruit picking so that my mum could make a year’s supply of jam!

  11. I love England and so I love your photos! My husband and I were just talking the other day about how we would love to get over there again. Thanks for the great start to my day and I will be checking back.

    • It’s a beautiful country, which sometimes I take for granted. But it’s the little things in life, which we cherish and capture. There is more I have yet to explore in England! Come back and visit and explore! We shall explore it together.

      • oolung

        Well, I’m Polish and we get Indian Summer there quite a lot. Septembers and Octobers are the most beautiful months of the year for me. The smell of the falling leaves, the deep blue sky, the sense of peace as nature prepares itself for winter, the mushrooms and fruits in the forest… I love it all, and I love the way you captured this characteristic light and atmosphere, especially in the first two photos. Perfect!

  12. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! And don’t apologize for your photos- they are lovely. Sometimes a “lower” quality photo does better dignity to the subject, and I think this late summer hazy glow is just perfect.

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